How I Reduced Clutter by Switching to Paperless Bills

I hate having paper bills pile up. They take up space and if you want to throw them out you have to shred them first for security reasons. The shredding part I’m always lazy to do so the bills just pile up as a result.

Pile of bills

So sometime last year I noticed that more service providers were offering email bills, so I decided to look into it and make the switch.

I have setup the following bills to be sent to me via email rather than post.

  • Electricity
  • Internet/phone
  • Water
  • Car (roadside assistance)

Unfortunately all the service providers allow only one email address for the bill to be sent to and no alternative address. Therefore, to get around this I setup forwarding rules in my email so that whenever I receive a bill it gets forwarded to my husbands email as well. At least this way we both get a copy.

I have a few bills that are direct debits so I don’t get monthly bills for those. The amounts for these bills remain constant so I don’t mind them being direct debits. The above bills however vary so I like to know the amount owing before I pay.

It’s not only bills though…this also applies to bank, insurance and superannuation statements. I have all of them setup to be emailed to me rather than posted.

The only bills that I still receive by post are for:

  • Council rates
  • Annual car registration

Once these providers offer paperless bills I will definitely make the move.

Switching to paperless bills and statements has been very effective for me. It’s reduced clutter, reduced the need to shred sensitive documents and to top it off its eco-friendly! It’s always feels good to help out the environment in some way.

Have you gone paperless with your bills and statements?

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How waking up earlier has made me happier


I love my sleep and for most of this year I have been struggling to wake up at a more suitable time in the morning. Pregnancy has brought upon a fair bit of fatigue, I remember my first trimester being particularly tiring in the mornings.

I needed to make a change, so a few weeks ago I decided to start getting up early. When I say early I don’t mean 5am, I’m talking more like 7am 🙂 However when the baby arrives I’m sure this will change completely!

My mornings are always a rush, I honestly don’t know where the time goes. Hence, to make things easier I have started to prepare my breakfast and iron my clothes the night before. These two changes have really helped to speed things up.

It’s been over two weeks now and as a result of waking up a little earlier and being more prepared in the mornings, I’m actually feeling a lot happier. And I think there are several reasons for this.

Arriving at Work on Time

I am getting to work at a more respectable time now. This gives me more time to settle in the morning and most importantly more time to get my work done which means less stress.

Feeling More Organised

I feel more organised because I’m making the effort to prepare the night before.

Getting Home Earlier

As a result of getting to work on time, I can also leave work on time without having to stay back.

The Week Slows Down

It feels like the week doesn’t rush by like it usually does and I guess it’s because I have more time. Some people might see this as a negative but I’m definitely seeing it as a positive as I like things moving a little slower.

I have to credit my husband for giving me the push I needed to get started on this. It really does help when you have someone supporting you to achieve your goals.

I’m really happy that this routine change has brought upon so many positives, I really wasn’t expecting it to. What small changes have you made in your life that has brought you happiness?

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A Decluttering Journey

declutter - goodbye stuff

The best way to declutter I feel is to move house. I know this from experience and I’m not saying that in order to declutter you must move house because that is just not practical. Who really wants to move anyway? I found the whole process to be pretty stressful however on the bright side it did give me the motivation to declutter.

We moved house at the end of last year and with that brought a purpose for both myself and my husband to go through our clothes, shoes, furniture and various other things and get rid of what we didn’t wear or need anymore. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate without even realising and hubs and I are definitely not hoarders by any means.

We decided early on that we were going to purchase a few new items of furniture for the new house so we needed to get rid of some of our existing furniture. So I listed these items online on eBay and Gum Tree and I managed to sell pretty much everything I wanted to! Also sold our dining table and a book shelf to one of my neighbours which was lucky.

In the end I managed to net a cool $732.08 which I was very pleased with 🙂

As far as unwanted clothes and shoes, we donated everything to charity. My mum has a friend who does a lot of charity work for her local church and they always welcome donations. I have donated clothes through her in the past and would happily do so in the future.

I also have a whole bunch of craft supplies that I’m still trying to unload. I managed to donate a few things and sell some items on Ebay too, however I have found the latter to be more difficult especially because postage costs are so high these days. This project is still ongoing.

It has been several months since we moved and I am happy to say that I have continually tried to maintain having less stuff. With any item I think of purchasing, I think about if I really need it before buying. I still have more things to get rid of and I will do so in time. Decluttering is an ongoing process that’s for sure!

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