Project Runway Season 14 Wrap Up

Project Runway Season 14 Contestants

Project Runway Season 14 Contestants

A few weeks ago I wrote a recap article where I predicted Swapnil to be the winner of Project Runway Season 14. Well that didn’t happen…in fact the very next episode he was eliminated. I still believe that he had the talent to go further, but it seemed like he lost motivation, at least that was how it was portrayed on TV.

The Finale

The show has now ended and I’m definitely surprised at the result. I did not expect Ashley to win the competition. She was a bit up and down through out, but I definitely enjoyed her final collection. It was a beautiful and the first plus size collection on Project Runway. The collection was ready to wear and I could definitely envision any woman wanting to wear her clothes, they were beautiful. But was it high fashion? In my opinion, no.

My favorite designer was Edmond and I wasn’t thrilled when he was eliminated just before the finale. The judges should not have eliminated him when he was such a strong designer up to that point. It looked so setup because Tim Gunn used his “Tim Gunn Save” and brought him back. It was so predictable and looked like they did it to just create drama. Anyways, I liked his final collection, he had a few stunning pieces and his clothes looked very expensive. I was going for Edmond, yet the judges placed him third, wasn’t expecting that.

Kelly’s collection was definitely interesting and different. I wouldn’t have minded if she won, she definitely would have deserved it if she did.

Candice’s collection lost its way no thanks to the judges. The judges told her to tone it down and change several of her pieces, 48 hours before the runway show. I think this resulted in Candice losing her way a bit unfortunately. Edmond was in the same situation but he came out of it a little better than Candice did. I think the original collection that she intended to show would have been far more interesting than the one she showed.

The Reunion

The Reunion episode was interesting as always. Back in one of the team challenges, four members from one of the teams – the girls team, basically threw one of their team members Ashley “under the bus”. This conflict was brought up again and I have to say these four “mean girls” were still in denial. It was on TV for the world to see and even the other team (the boys) agreed that these girls were picking on Ashley. Seriously, just say sorry and move on! Ashley ultimately got the best revenge by winning the competition, way to go Ashley!

Here are some of my favourite looks from this season:

From the Finale









From the Challenges


Edmond – Unconventional challenge


Kelly – Unconventional challenge


Ashley – Unconventional challenge


Edmond – Avant Garde challenge


Kelly – Avant Garde challenge


Kelly – Broadway challenge

To wrap up, I found season 14 to be a very entertaining season which had some very funny and talented designers. I can’t wait for season 15!

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Project Runway Season 14 Recap

Project Runway Season 14 Contestants

I have mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of Project Runway. I am currently watching the latest season which is season 14 and so far it’s been a great season. The designers are really talented and at this point it’s hard to predict who will get eliminated.

One of my favourite designers is Swapnil. He is very creative and also has a pretty funny personality. In episode 7 it looked like he had lost his mojo and the judges weren’t impressed. In episode 8, Tim Gunn gave Swapnil a little pep talk and basically told him that he is only putting in about 40 percent of effort and he needs to step it up. So Swapnil decided to stop slacking off and stepped it up, only for the judges to put him in the safe group.

After he was told he was safe, Swapnil said something like “I was in the Β top when I was giving it 40%, and when I give it over 100% I’m safe? How much do I have to give to win? 2000%?”.

LOL! Love you Swapnil! Just keep giving 100%, it will all work out πŸ™‚

Besides Swapnil I also like Edmond, he seems very focused and is also quite pleasant and friendly. Candice is a strong designer and definitely seems to have a clear point of view. I also like Merline, despite some of the other designers saying that she is annoying. I like some of her designs and she’s also hilarious! Kelly is hilarious too, I like that she takes risks and looks like she never left the 90’s πŸ™‚

All in all it has been an entertaining season so far. At this point my pick to win the competition is Swapnil, that’s if he doesn’t lose focus, but it’s still anyone’s game.

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5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Clothes


5 Tip On How To Maintain Your Clothes

I do a few simple things to maintain my clothes, and by following these tips I have been able to maintain many items of clothing for long periods of time, sometimes years. However, if the fabric is poor quality from the outset, then there is not much you can do other than hope for the best πŸ™‚

Here is what I do…

  1. Wash clothes on the gentle cycle and low spin, in the washing machine. Less stress on the clothes this way.
  2. Wash the garment on its right side, but dry the garment on the clothes line, inside out. This prevents the garment from fading.
  3. Iron the garment inside out. This prevents damage to the garment on its right side. I have saved so many garments by doing just this.
  4. Occassionally add a cap full of Bluo when washing a load of clothes. This helps to brighten the clothes.
  5. Soak whites and other stained garments in Napisan for about 20-30 minutes in the washing machine before a gentle wash. For bed linen, tea towels and more hardy items, I usually soak for about 1 hour before washing in a more heavy duty cycle.

I know knitted items should generally be hand washed but I rarely do this. That’s mostly due to lack of time and laziness πŸ˜›

What tips do you know of that you can share?

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