November 2017 Monthly Recap

November was hectic, stressful and overwhelming.

Keep calm and don’t stress

Here’s what happened.


My son started day care this month for one day a week. The first 2 weeks went well but he does cry when we drop him off sadly. As he is only going for 1 day a week he is not used to the place to be completely comfortable. Unfortunately in his third week we got very sick and I had to go and pick him up early.

Overall I’m glad he is getting exposed to another environment and new people. When we get back from our overseas stay I am hoping to enrol him for 2-3 days a week and hopefully he adapts better but I am worried about him getting sick.

Packing Up and Decluttering

As the renovations on our new house were wrapping up it was time to start packing. I did my best to pack as much as I could whilst taking care of a toddler. The most productive times were when he was sleeping obviously.

I also managed to sell a few household items that I didn’t plan on taking with me to the new house.

  • 5 Seater lounge set – sold for $550
  • Coffee table – sold for $80
  • Dining table – sold for $100
  • Fridge (I had 2 fridges) – sold for $200
  • Old stereo system – sold for $11.25
  • Book shelf – sold for $1

I’m really pleased with this. You can’t complain about making a little money out of items you no longer need.

We Didn’t Sell

We didn’t sell our old house but hey everything happens for a reason right? We will be renting out our old house as a result and we have already found tenants.

We Moved

We finally moved towards the end of the month and it was quite stressful. However we survived and we have managed to settle in well.

My Baby Turned One

I still can’t believe my baby is now one. What a crazy year it has been and he is becoming cuter every day ❤

We celebrated by having his first birthday party in our new house a week after moving. Not the most ideal situation to be in but it went well. The lead up to it was very stressful, but it all worked out in the end and I’m relieved it’s over.

That was my hectic month. To any parents who have kids in day care, how have you coped when your kids get sick? Does it lessen as they get older? Do you find yourself constantly taking time off from your job to take care of them? I’m interested to know about your experiences.


4 thoughts on “November 2017 Monthly Recap

  1. I wouldn’t say I’ve taken a ton of time off when he’s sick, but I’ve taken a few hours here and there. My husband does pick up and drop off, so if our son does get sick they call him first. There was one instance where he developed pink eye, but we caught it on the weekend and got him started on antibiotics right away. He only had to miss a day of daycare (must be non-contagious for 48 hours), but fortunately my inlaws were able to care for him. They live right by my work, so it turned out alright. I don’t know that I would say the illness frequency has dropped off much. He started daycare in the summer, so there was that initial spike, and then autumn is just a high sickness time frame in general. He does alright.

    Glad to hear the move went smoothly! We’re looking at doing a move soon as well. Packing with a toddler is going to be… interesting.

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    • I worry about him getting sick at day care a lot. When he gets sick it stresses out the entire household and when there is vomiting or diarrhoea involved it just triples my workload 😦 I guess it’s all a part of parenting at the end of the day.
      Good luck with the move! Are you moving far from your current house? We just moved 5 minutes away so that reduced my stress levels considerably, as I knew I didn’t have to pack absolutely everything and I could come back easily and pick up things.


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