Life Changes Coming Up

There are some big changes coming up in the horizon for us which I mentioned briefly in my previous post. There’s a few so I will talk about each one individually.

Life change ahead

Moving Overseas

Albeit temporarily, the biggest change is that we are moving to South East Asia for some months of the year starting in December. My husband is taking a job opportunity as an entrepreneur and we want to be together as a family, hence we are all going.

As much as I want him to take this opportunity it has been a struggle to come to terms with such a big life change. Having to live in two homes in two completely different countries with an infant is no easy task and I also want to go back to work which complicates things further. Needless to say there has been several fights between us but I think we are both over all that now and focused on what we need to do.

I have asked my employer permission to work remotely so I’m hopeful that my request gets approved. I’m also trying to look at this as a good opportunity to experience living abroad and enjoy ourselves.

A few things I want to mention about all of this:

  • Almost everything is paid for by my husband’s employer. This includes rent, some utilities, plane tickets and transport.
  • We are moving to a country where we have family so it will be nice for my son to spend time with them.
  • This will only be for a few months in the year. We will definitely be back home in Australia in April, May and June as it’s just too hot over there during these months.

We Bought Another House

Life wasn’t getting complicated enough for us so we went and bought a house lol!

We bought a house which is far more comfortable than our current one. It’s a single story house on a nice block of land with large bedrooms and a spacious living area. We don’t have to move very far as this house is just 5 min away from our current house, in fact we walked it the other day and it took about 40 minutes. We are planning to do some renovations to make it our own so the next few weeks are going to be busy.

You may remember me mentioning in a few posts last year that we were planning to renovate our current house. We had a draftsman draw up all the plans and submit all the required documents to the local council. We were told that it wouldn’t take long to get the approvals, approximately 4 weeks.

Well unfortunately that didn’t happen. The council kept requesting one thing after the other and kept delaying the approvals. We all grew more and more frustrated and in the end we withdrew our application.

After feeling completely defeated and giving up on having a more comfortable house to live in like we planned, this house suddenly popped up for sale which ticked most of our boxes. My mum gets all the credit for this as she was the one who found it.

So here we are, it’s funny how things work out. We are actually happy it worked out this way as we feel as though we got a better house in the end and we also think that the renovation that we originally planned would have exceeded our budget by a fair bit.

Selling Our Current House

Well naturally we need to sell our current home and we are currently in the process of doing this. We thought this would be easy but unfortunately, there hasn’t been much interest so far and it looks like the market is cooling off. Well I’m going to remain optimistic and hopefully I will be able to report some good news at the end of the month.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, my life is pretty crazy right now. The next 12 months are going to be unpredictable, scary but also exciting and I’m looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead for us. My husband and I joke that we will like one of those couples on House Hunters International lol!


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