I’m Back


I haven’t abandoned this blog, I have just been busy and preoccupied the last 4 months with life in general.

May and June were busy with various things, most of which I can’t even remember now. I do recall that my son caught a viral bug in June which caused him to become temporarily lactose intolerant which was not fun for any of us, mostly him. The end result was that we had to temporarily switch him to a soy based formula. He was on the soy formula for a month and a half before I slowly switched him back to his regular formula. I’m happy to say that he is back to his normal self and is happy and healthy.

In addition to all that stress I was also packing for our trip overseas to south east Asia in July. I was a bit anxious at the time as it was munchkins first trip overseas. It was all new territory and I was concerned about the flight in particular. In the end, the first leg of the flight (8 hours) was ok but the second leg (3 hours) was quite difficult. There was a 2 hour transit between the two flights as well. It was his sleeping time and he was struggling to fall asleep. We were all really tired at that point and couldn’t wait to reach our destination. In the end we got there and all was well.

We were overseas for just over a month and it was fun spending time with family, however the heat did become unbearable for me and I was just counting down the days towards the end. The flight back went surprisingly well and my son slept through most of it which was nice 🙂

A photo from our holiday

As we were away for most of July, August was all about settling back home. It took about a week for all of us to overcome the jet lag. Back home we were still in winter so munchkin did get a cold and so did I, mainly due to the weather change.

So here we are and it’s now September and several changes are on the horizon for us. I will share more on this in an upcoming post as it’s fairly long. All I will say is that life has been pretty crazy with more craziness on the way, and it’s taken some time for me to wrap my head around everything.

I will end it here and wish you all a happy spring! Here’s to more sunshine and warmer days 🙂


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