April 2017 Monthly Recap

April was the month with several public holidays so that meant long weekends! We enjoyed the two long weekends that we had, we mostly spent it with family and managed to catch up with some friends too. It was nice having my husband home as he was able to spend more time with our son in addition to me getting some help with taking care of the baby 🙂

I’m always on a mission to get more organised, it’s a work in progress but I’m slowly getting there.

Keep calm and get organized

I’m happy to say that this month I managed to accomplish a number of things on the organisation front. They were:

  • Sorted through and filed paperwork that had been piling up for months.
  • Cleaned out a cupboard that is located near the front door. It was piling up with all types of things but I’ve now cleared it all out and I have only kept things that we need in there.
  • Cleaned out two junk drawers in our living room.
  • Cleaned out my handbag.
  • Sorted my sons clothes and tidied up his wardrobe. Put away clothes that he has outgrown and washed the bigger sized clothes so they are ready to wear.

There’s still plenty more that needs to be done and I will get there eventually. I’m just happy that I’m making progress and accomplishing one goal at a time.

Apart from continuing on my quest of being more organised, I also started watching The Office (US version). Remember that show? It’s a great show and it is just hilarious! I watched season 1 years ago but I didn’t continue with it, I just didn’t get into it back then. Then a few weeks ago  I happened to catch some random episodes and loved it so I decided to start watching it from the beginning. I am currently part way through season 3 and I am loving it, so funny! Only 6 more seasons to go 🙂

What else? Well I have also enrolled my son into day care. He won’t start till the end of November when I am due to go back to work, but I may start him around mid October just so he eases into it a little better. We had a look at a few long day care centres and the one we liked by a mile was of course the most expensive at $110 per day. The others were not much cheaper but the one we chose had friendly staff, was spacious and looked very organised. It also had vacancies which was a surprise considering how hard it is to get a place in day care these days. So we decided to enrol him which involved having to pay two weeks bond plus an enrolment fee of $50. Very expensive indeed!

I just want to point out that the government does subsidise a part of that $110 per day. It should be 50% off capped at $7500 per year but I believe this may be changing according to the recent budget changes announced by the government. This benefit is not means tested so everyone is eligible. There is another benefit that is means tested but unfortunately I don’t think we will be eligible for that. Well at least we are getting something!

I think I have rambled on for long enough, hope you all had a great month!


4 thoughts on “April 2017 Monthly Recap

  1. My jaw dropped a little when I did the math on $110 a day for day care! It’s a good thing its subsidized. My son starts day care at the beginning of June. It’s $975 a month, there’s no subsidies and no cap 😦

    Nicely done on getting your filing finished. I have a large stack that needs to get filed as well.


    • I’m just happy we get some help from the government. Otherwise it would just be too much. We did look at a few other places that were slightly cheaper (by $10-$20) but I was amazed at how disorganised and smaller they were despite still being fairly expensive. I’m hoping to go back part time so that should lower the cost a bit too.
      Good luck with the filing!


  2. Sounds like you guys had a productive April :). We have also been kicking the organisation level up a notch with clearing out our spare room and turning it into our baby girl’s room slowly but surely. We have made a few trips to Ikea, Target, Big W to collect lots of storage bits and pieces. I’m quite relieved to say that I THINK our shopping trips are done now and that we have almost everything we need!

    I honestly had/have no idea about childcare costs/rebate, we have always planned for me to look after baby at home (and I’m very lucky to have a job where I can work from home, I know a lot of people don’t have the same opportunity). Sounds like you’ve found a nice daycare! How are you feeling about going back to work?

    Mrs DDU

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    • Sounds like you guys are really organised and on top of everything. That’s awesome!

      That’s great that you can do your job from home. I do have the flexibility to work from home some days but I will probably have to put munchkins in day care on those days anyway as I’m pretty certain I won’t get any work done if he’s at home with me lol. But it will allow for the drop off and pick up to take up less time as the day care is close to our house.

      I feel ok about going back to work. Fingers crossed they approve my request to go back part time, that should make it easier. I’m expecting it to be different to start with but once we get into a routine it should be fine. Most of all I’m hoping that munchkin settles into day care well, once I know he’s settled I will be happy 🙂

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