7 Most Useful Products I Bought for My Baby – 4 Month Mark

I am all for being prepared for a given situation and having a baby was no different. I know some people start planning and preparing as soon as they fall pregnant but in my case I didn’t start getting prepared till I was about 7 months pregnant, I just wasn’t in the right head space.

There were people that even advised me to put off buying things until I needed them. This is practical advice but to be honest, the last thing I want to do is go shopping for a pram just after giving birth.  Hence, almost all the items listed below were purchased before the baby was born.

My baby is 4 months now so here are the items that have been the most useful so far.


childcare luna cot

Cot = $199 (Reg: $249)
Mattress = $90

My parents gave us the money for this as their “big” gift for the baby. We bought the Childcare Luna Cot/Bed from Target and it happened to be on sale the day we bought it for $199 which was a nice surprise. We have this cot in the bedroom and it’s where the baby sleeps at night time. It has some really positive reviews online and it’s very sturdy, easy to assemble and it also converts into a toddler bed which will come in handy when munchkins grows out of the cot. You have to buy the mattress separately which costs $90.

Bassinet Cot


We didn’t actually buy this item as we got it as a gift from my mother in law, however I wanted to include it in this list as it was a very useful to us. She sent it to us from overseas so the above image is not the cot we actually got but it’s a similar style. We were opposed to her giving us a bassinet at first as we knew he would grow out of it quickly but she really wanted to buy a cot for him and as my parents had already bought the main cot we just went with it and let her get this for us.

It’s good that we did because to our surprise it turned out to be very useful for the first 8 weeks or so. It has wheels so we were able to move it around the house easily and it made it easy for all of us to take turns to look after him. The wheels made it easy to rock him back and forth as well when he was unsettled. My baby grew out of it by the 8 week mark as he started to turn sideways and would end up in the horizontal position and get stuck lol. This really does depend on the size of your baby though as I have heard from relatives who purchased the same cot that they were able to use it for about 4 months.

Portable Travel Cot

portable travel cot


We purchased the Childcare Travel Cot on clearance for $120 from Baby Bunting. I couldn’t find an exact photo of the cot I have (it must be discontinued) but the above photo is very similar to the one I have. The cot comes with a bassinet insert, changing table and mobile. We have this cot in our living room and it is basically where my baby sleeps during the day time. Munchkins graduated to this cot after he grew out of the bassinet cot mentioned above. It’s easy to assemble, folds up nicely, is not too heavy and when he gets bigger I can stop using the bassinet part of it. The cot we purchased doesn’t have wheels and it’s not something I wish it had as the cot is large and not practical to move around in our house. However, if you had a large open house I can see how having wheels would be beneficial.


valco baby snap4 black beauty pram

Pram = $295.65 (Reg: $349)
Vogue Infant Bootie accessory = $17.99
TOTAL COST = $313.64

We bought the Valco Baby Snap 4 from Baby Bunting and once again it was on sale the day we bought it, yay! This pram is lighter than most prams and weighs around 6kg. It also folds up easily and is easy to move around. The only thing I wish it had was a bigger basket but other than that it’s a great pram and I foresee it lasting a few years. I highly recommend getting the Vogue Infant Bootie accessory for this pram which is a cover that wraps around the bottom of the seat and basically keeps the baby safe and comfortable.

Car Seat

britax safe n sound millenia car seat

2 x Car Seats = $529 + $485
TOTAL COST = $1014

This is a must if you have a car and there are plenty of options available. Car seats are so expensive but on the bright side most of them are supposed to last till the child is 4 years old. We went with the Britax Safe n Sound Millenia and got it on sale for $529 from Baby Bunting and we have been happy with it so far. We have two cars so we ended up buying a second car seat as moving the seat back and forth became an inconvenience. Luckily the price of this car seat has dropped, so the second seat ended up costing us $485.

Bath Tub

ikea baby bathtub


We bought a bath tub from Ikea for $10 and it has worked a treat so far. It gets used everyday and is totally worth the $10. Before having the baby we bought a different bath tub and a bath stand to go with it for $92 and this did not work for us unfortunately. The tub is moulded like a seat to rest the baby but I found this type of bath tub difficult to use with a newborn. I found a normal bath tub with nothing fancy works best and lets the baby feel free to kick and splash. Hopefully I can use this bathtub when he gets a little older, otherwise there is always Gum Tree or EBay.

Electric Steam Steriliser

electric steam steriliser


We bought the Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser for $148 from Baby Bunting. I use this multiple times during the week and it’s really simple to use and sterilises in just 5 minutes. I purchased the starter kit which came with a number of additional items but I didn’t really end up using any of them long term. I used the 150ml bottles for a few weeks but my son preferred the bottles by Pigeon so I switched to using those bottles exclusively. I also used the bottle/food warmer for a few weeks but stopped because it was easier to get him to drink milk that was at room temperature. However, the warmer should come in handy when I introduce him to solids and cows milk.

So there you have it, a list of the most useful things I have purchased so far for my baby. We did buy everything brand new which was purely due to convenience, although I am sure we would have saved a few hundred dollars had we bought some items second hand. However I see most of these items lasting a while so I really have no regrets, apart from the first bath tub and stand I bought which hasn’t worked out yet.

What were the most useful items you bought for your baby in the early months?



4 thoughts on “7 Most Useful Products I Bought for My Baby – 4 Month Mark

  1. Great list! I think I’ll have to do one of these when my son is a year old.

    We wanted an all in one newborn seat to booster seat, but I don’t believe we have those in Canada! We tried to find one, but no such luck. Our seat is good until he’s 35lbs, so we should be good for another year. We bought a second base to go with his seat, so we just clip the seat into whichever vehicle we’re heading out in. Super quick. We also bought two bottle drying racks from Boon that fit on our kitchen window sills. It got all of the bottle gear off the counter, which was so nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!
      Oh that’s surprising that the newborn to booster seats are not available in Canada. But it sounds like you have it easy with moving seats between two vehicles πŸ™‚
      The bottle drying racks sound really convenient as they fit on your window sills, that would be a real space saver.


  2. My wife and I loved our boppy. Being able to lay our son down as we got up and knowing that he wouldn’t slide anywhere was a great purchase for us. We also couldn’t live without his pacifier and pacifier clip. I know these are small items but they were invaluable to us πŸ™‚


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