October 2016 Recap

The month flew by as usual but it has been a rather uncomfortable one in regards to my pregnancy. The baby has grown so I’m carrying more weight which makes it harder to walk. There’s swollen feet, clothes not fitting and I’m also a lot slower these days, mostly physically though šŸ™‚

I was telling my husband the other day “I think I’m over it” lol. That said I don’t want the baby to come now as it’s a bit too early. The last weeks of pregnancy are definitely challenging.

Our antenatal classes wrapped up about two weeks ago and they were really helpful. I’m so glad we signed up for them, we both learnt so much and they have really put me more at ease about labour and the birth.


In regards to finances we had a pretty expensive month. There were several extra expenses such as:

  • Renovation costs (payments to the architect)
  • Baby items (car seat, bath, baby carrier, clothes etc)
  • Food
  • Medicines and toiletries
  • Clothes (My husband needed to replace a few business shirts and jeans and I needed a few items as well)

Our savings rate as a result was in the negative at -6% šŸ˜¦

The biggest expenses were the payments to the architect and the baby items. The eating out and take away food total was higher than usual as well. Looks like hubby and I were definitely more relaxed in regards to eating out, I think that might be because we know we won’t be able to go out very often once the baby arrives. I have also been feeling more dehydrated lately so we have been buying more take away juices and fruit salads which obviously adds up.

Anyways, hopefully the savings rate improves dramatically in November. Although the car registration payment is due which will be around $1000, there shouldn’t really be any more big expenses.

I didn’t finish reading any books this month but I am part way through reading one. The book I am reading is dragging on a little but I will hopefully finish it in the next week or so. I will review it in next months recap.

How did October fair for you?


2 thoughts on “October 2016 Recap

  1. Why buy takeaway juices and fruit salads for dehydration when water comes out of the tap for free? ;). Sounds like you’ve got some intense fruit cravings – I don’t blame you in this weather, some fruit salad would be very refreshing!

    Our savings rate for October will end up being about the same as yours – paid the yearly private health insurance this month. Ouch.

    How long left now for the pregnancy?



    • Oh I drink plenty of water on top of all that too šŸ™‚ Surprisingly if you buy a bunch of fruit to make your own fruit salad it ends up costing a fair bit more, we did that a few times. Fruit is expensive.
      Ouch, the yearly PHI payment would have been a big one.
      Around 5 weeks left for the pregnancy and it’s getting harder and harder. That said the time is flying by pretty quickly and I kinda want it to slow down too šŸ™‚
      Thanks for the comment Jasmin, hope you are well!


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