How waking up earlier has made me happier


I love my sleep and for most of this year I have been struggling to wake up at a more suitable time in the morning. Pregnancy has brought upon a fair bit of fatigue, I remember my first trimester being particularly tiring in the mornings.

I needed to make a change, so a few weeks ago I decided to start getting up early. When I say early I don’t mean 5am, I’m talking more like 7am 🙂 However when the baby arrives I’m sure this will change completely!

My mornings are always a rush, I honestly don’t know where the time goes. Hence, to make things easier I have started to prepare my breakfast and iron my clothes the night before. These two changes have really helped to speed things up.

It’s been over two weeks now and as a result of waking up a little earlier and being more prepared in the mornings, I’m actually feeling a lot happier. And I think there are several reasons for this.

Arriving at Work on Time

I am getting to work at a more respectable time now. This gives me more time to settle in the morning and most importantly more time to get my work done which means less stress.

Feeling More Organised

I feel more organised because I’m making the effort to prepare the night before.

Getting Home Earlier

As a result of getting to work on time, I can also leave work on time without having to stay back.

The Week Slows Down

It feels like the week doesn’t rush by like it usually does and I guess it’s because I have more time. Some people might see this as a negative but I’m definitely seeing it as a positive as I like things moving a little slower.

I have to credit my husband for giving me the push I needed to get started on this. It really does help when you have someone supporting you to achieve your goals.

I’m really happy that this routine change has brought upon so many positives, I really wasn’t expecting it to. What small changes have you made in your life that has brought you happiness?

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8 thoughts on “How waking up earlier has made me happier

  1. That’s awesome that you’ve gotten so many positive benefits from waking up earlier. I get up at a similar time and it’s really grounding – you feel very productive.

    I think a small change that I’ve really enjoyed is writing lots of notes on Evernote – being able to organise our thoughts (and accessible anywhere) is a very powerful tool mentally. It’s helped so much with life stuff, blogging stuff and studying.


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    • That’s great that writing notes has helped you. Sometimes when you have a million things going through your mind it really helps to write them down so you don’t forget them. I use the Reminders app to create to-do type lists and this has really helped me be more organised.


  2. One of the small changes I recently made was I stopped eating at my desk and started to “get out” to refresh my mind. Having a thirty minute lunch break to not work through lunch has actually made more productive as I’m able to step away and actually think about different problems and work through solutions. I encourage all of my employees now to stop powering through lunch and take a break.


  3. Yes!

    I follow the same approach – up early AND prep a few things the night before. I love waking up and having everything ready to go. I enjoy the peace and solitude of the early day before the big rush. Once I’m at work, I feel more energized because I had an hour or two to work on myself.

    Another new hobby I’ve tried to implement in my life (again) is have a cup of caffeine free tea before bed. I find it is a nice time for my fiancee and me to catch up and slow down together.


    • Preparing the night before has been very helpful for sure. The caffeine free tea before bed sounds great. Glad to hear that’s it’s helped and made a difference, it’s always the little things. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Heh I am the least morningy person ever and I need to do everything the night before.

    That said having dogs and chickens requires me to get up a bit earlier (and before we got our 2nd, I walked dog #1 every morning, and that 10 minutes is so lovely! 2 are too much to walk together for me right now but we’ll get there..) and it’s nice feeling a bit less rushed. When I have even 5 mins spare to do a quick tidy up, open windows and curtains etc, it makes a big difference.


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