August 2016 Recap

I have to say that August was pretty eventful, so here is a breakdown of what happened 🙂



As planned I managed to lodge our taxes at the beginning of the month. I was really focused on getting everything organised at the end of last month so I’m happy that I sent everything off to the accountant without wasting any time. It’s all done now and we both got refunds, yay! I am so happy and relieved that it’s done 🙂


We had our fair share of expenses this month, mainly due to our holiday. We visited Cairns which is located in far North Queensland of Australia. The weather was beautiful and we had a very relaxing holiday.


View from Green Island – Cairns Australia

We were there for 4 nights and the total cost was: $3029

I paid for the flights and accommodation back in June so those expenses are not included in this months savings rate. However they are included in the above total.

We also had a few additional expenses this month which aren’t regular monthly expenses. They were:

  • Major car service
  • Antenatal classes
  • Quarterly electricity and council rates bills
  • Renovation expenses
    • We have started looking into renovating our house and hence this has brought upon various initial expenses such as approvals, surveyor fees etc. I expect to see more expenses in this area in the coming months.

As I mentioned above, my husband and I both received tax refunds, therefore our income was higher this month. This made our savings rate look a little better than it would have otherwise, especially considering we had several additional expenses this month.

Savings rate for August 2016 was: 23%

Lower than most months but reasonable nonetheless.


I have booked a place for a 6 week antenatal course which starts in mid September. I have heard that these classes are really helpful so I’m looking forward to attending them.

Overall my pregnancy has been going well. I feel the baby kick and move everyday which is always exciting but I think these kicks are going to get harder as the baby gets bigger though lol! We have also started researching a few baby items and have pretty much decided on the pram and cot we would like to purchase. I will share what we end up buying in an upcoming post.


The books I read were…

Mr. Swirlee (Dev Haskell Mystery #2) By Mike Faricy

Mr Swirlee Dev Haskell Mystery #2 by Mike Faricy

I love reading these Dev Haskell mysteries. I read Last Shot (mystery #6) back in March and I enjoyed the story line of that book a lot better than this one. The main character Dev Haskell is rough around the edges but very likable. I like reading about his antics and the shady characters that he deals with. Overall this book was an easy and fun read.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting By Heidi Murkoff
(Revised edition for Australia and New Zealand)

What to expect when you're expecting by Heidi Murkoff

This is a well known pregnancy book and when I looked it up months ago I came across a number of mixed reviews, so I decided to give it a miss. But last month I thought I would check it out from the library and give it a go.

I have been reading this book on the side this whole month and I still haven’t finished it. And that’s after skipping several sections that didn’t apply to me. It’s a massive book and contains pretty much everything you need to know about pregnancy. If you are an “information overload” kind of person then this is a book for you. Even if you aren’t, you can skip the sections you don’t like and read what appeals to you. Overall the book is very informative and has been helpful.

September for us down here in the southern hemisphere means spring and warmer weather, yay! I am always happy to see the end of winter lol. Hope you all have a wonderful month of September 🙂

Images: (Harper Collins, Goodreads)


2 thoughts on “August 2016 Recap

  1. Beautiful photo of the water in Cairns there. Was this a “Babymoon” by chance? Sounds like a lovely little getaway regardless 🙂

    Even though I/we don’t personally have kids (yet…) I’d love to hear about your decisions for pram/cot/car seats etc. Tristan and I have actually collected quite the collection of stuff for our future children – before we knew we needed IVF we bought a few things here and there secondhand when they were fantastic bargains, sadly they sit in our spare room for now. We also get a lot of hand-me-downs from a family member as her children are growing up – we won’t pass up free stuff even if we don’t use it yet!

    Anyway, I do have an odd interest in prams – they’re so fun with all the features (and some are just so pretty to look at) they’re kind of like designer cars for mums lol.

    Oh and looks like you had a good savings rate this month even with those added expenses, any special plans for your tax refunds?



    • Hi Jasmin
      It was a babymoon 🙂 We normally have a holiday at the end of the year but knew that wasn’t going to be possible this year, so we decided to have a nice getaway during my second trimester.

      I will definitely write a post on what baby items we do end up buying. That’s great that you have already made a start on your purchases and you are lucky that you get hand me downs from family members. Unfortunately most of our family members live overseas so we can’t easily get those hand me downs. Fingers crossed you will start using your baby items very soon 🙂 Those prams are definitely getting advanced hehe and there are so many to choose from these days too!

      Thanks I was happy with the savings rate and the tax refund definitely helped 🙂 No set plans for it, it’s just going in the savings bucket however I think that it’s highly likely that it will go towards baby 🙂


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