4 Simple Eco-Friendly Things I do

Here are a few things I do to help the environment. None of these things took much effort, it was all a matter of changing a few of my habits. I like to think it makes some difference to this planet, I figure something is better than nothing.

4 Simple Eco-Friendly Things I Do

Tea Towels

When I am in the kitchen I always use a reusable cloth tea towel to wipe utensils and most importantly my hands. Previously I would always grab a tissue to wipe my hands or sometimes I would use paper towels to wipe utensils. Since I changed this tiny habit I have found that I go through a lot less tissue boxes and paper towels than I did before. This most definitely reduces waste and also lowers the grocery bill a little too.


This ties in with paper towel usage. Previously if I was grabbing a snack or just having a piece of toast for breakfast I would just grab a paper towel instead of a plate. No more! Again I found that changing this tiny habit has reduced our usage of paper towels and hence reduced waste.


I have recycled for many years but now I am even more conscious of it. I always check the label on the back of a product to see if it can be recycled. Some packages don’t tell you but things like glass jars, bottles and aluminium cans can always be recycled. Previously I would throw out aluminium cans but now I rinse them out with water and recycle.

Plastic Bags

I reuse plastic bags that I get from the supermarket to line one of my garbage bins at home. Plastic bags are bad in general and I am working on trying to bring less of them into the house. However, this is one small thing I do to reuse them. I figure it’s better than nothing.

I have noticed that some supermarkets offer a recycling bin for plastic bags. I have only seen them in Coles supermarkets so far. I collect all my plastic bags and once I have a reasonable amount, I drop them off in the recycling bin. This is especially good for bags which I can’t reuse because they have holes in them.

I read this book back in February which has loads of tips on how to reduce waste in your home. It’s not very long and it’s also easy to read. I was lucky enough to get the Kindle version for free from Amazon at the time.


The Zero Waste Home: 101 Ways To Reduce Waste & Save Money In Your Home by Kate Anderson

Have you made any changes in your routine which has helped you be more eco-friendly?

Image: (GoodReads)


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