2016 Mid Year Goals Review

A goal without a plan is just a wish

At the beginning of this year I set myself two goals for 2016. They were to:

  1. Track my expenses consistently
  2. Start reading books

So far I’m happy to say that my progress in both goals is going well 🙂

Tracking Expenses

This goal has been progressing well. I track my expenses daily and having set a reminder on my phone to go off every night has really helped. It has slowly become a habit which is great.

Although I didn’t specifically mention this, I also wanted to record our monthly expenses in a spreadsheet and then calculate our savings rate per month. I have been very slack at doing this and only did it for the first few months. I need  to be more enthusiastic and consistent with this part going forward.

When I say tracking expenses, I have been tracking our household expenses only. We do have an investment property that is negatively geared, hence that has some additional expenses that I haven’t been including. Going forward I want to start including these expenses in my accounts to make my expense figures more accurate.

Reading Books

This goal has been progressing well too. In fact I am surprised at how well I have done so far. At the start of the year I set myself a goal of reading 5 books this year. So far I have surpassed this number and have finished reading 8 books!

As a result, I have updated my initial goal of reading 5 books to 20 which is a pretty high number for me. However, since my reading has slowed down the last few months, I am doubtful about reaching this goal. But I am going to keep it for now and see how I go.


All in all I’m pretty happy with how things are going 🙂

Did you set any goals at the beginning of the year? If so, how have you progressed so far?

Image: medicalpracticesuccess.org


2 thoughts on “2016 Mid Year Goals Review

  1. Great goals (and you’re doing well with them). We also like to track our savings rate each month on a spread sheet – it really is a good way to see if our projected budget is actually accurate. We weren’t very good at keeping track of it every single month until we started doing blog posts on our monthly savings rate – knowing we have a schedule to post it every month really holds us accountable to it and we haven’t missed a month since we started tracking it through the blog! Our blog posts are quite vague about the specifics of our income/expenses, but we have more detail on our private spreadsheets. Maybe blogging about your savings rate will help keep you accountable too?



    • That’s a good idea, however I’m not comfortable publishing any financial figures on here. That said posting just a percentage ie: savings rate wouldn’t be a big deal. Something to think about and thanks for the suggestion! Good on you for being so successful at keeping track of yours 🙂


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