End of Year Reflection


I started this blog in August and my intention was to post some light weight, fun articles on various topics like fashion, property, television etc and to improve my writing. I love reading other blogs so I thought this would be a fun little hobby to start up and to see where it takes me.

So things are going OK, no complaints…however what I have come to realise is that posting fluff articles all the time is kinda boring and I am really not achieving much from doing so. I certainly don’t think that anyone reading these articles are getting much out of them either.

What I think would be better is to write articles which have more meaning to myself and also to anyone that reads them. I think I need to share a bit more about myself and my journey. In fact, I know I enjoy reading blogs that are more personal, where the blogger shares more about themselves. So why shouldn’t I do the same? So I am hoping to change things up a bit, my plan for the coming year is to be a bit more open and share more about my own journey.

This year has gone so fast, I can’t believe it. Was it the same for anyone else? The first half of the year was incredibly hectic at work and at home, as we were still settling into our new place (since moving towards the end of last year). Things settled down after July at work for me but at home things were still busy. Work wise things were incredibly strained for my husband as his company was under going many changes. That was probably why things felt so busy at home as I wasn’t getting the help I usually get from him. Thankfully, things seemed to have calmed down a little for him at work, hence his stress levels have reduced which is great.

So after a busy year, we are both in much need of some RnR, so tomorrow we are jetting off for a quick getaway to New Zealand! After that it will be a few days back at work, followed by the Christmas and New Year break. I am definitely planning to chill out and enjoy these holidays as much as possible.

So to end this post, I just wanted to note down the things I am grateful for.

  • I am healthy and so is my husband and our families.
  • To have a job that pays well (I still feel that I am underpaid sometimes, but my pay is far better now than what it was two years ago). Despite feeling crap some days I truly am grateful that I have a job in my chosen field of study, that I don’t hate.
  • I have qualifications in a field that has jobs. I have a bachelors and a masters degree in Computer Science/Information Technology and it has been worth every cent.
  • My husband who is always supportive and my best friend. Sure he pisses me off from time to time and I’m sure I piss him off a fair bit too lol. However, without a doubt we make a great team and I know he always has my back, and I have his ❤
  • Very caring and supportive parents that have helped me achieve the life I have today.
  • I don’t have to worry about finances. We are living comfortably.

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season! Take care of yourselves and Happy New Year!

(Image: imgfave)


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