My Favourite Lifestyle Property Shows

Selling Houses Australia

I am a big fan of the show, Selling Houses Australia. In a nutshell, this show is about helping people who are struggling to sell their property. The show’s host Andrew Winter initially analyses the property and then gives the owners his honest feedback and provides them with a plan on how to sell.

They air re-runs of this show all the time on Foxtel and I don’t seem to get bored of watching these re-runs. However, this was when I had a subscription to Foxtel. My parents however still do, so when I visit them, I might catch an episode.

Anyways, back to the show. I love how they completely transform a property on a small budget. Most of the time they declutter the property and that alone makes a huge difference. This one thing doesn’t cost a cent to do, but does take effort and time. However, it is worth doing and will make your property look so much more spacious and appealing. I have learned quite a bit from this show mainly around how decluttering, presentation and paint can vastly improve the appeal of your property.

Learning these tips really helped when my husband and I decided to sell our property last year. I made an effort to declutter and present our property the best I could, and I really believe that it helped significantly towards getting the best price for our property.

Another thing I did learn was that owning less stuff, really is better. You don’t realise how much stuff you have until you have to move. I am definitely not a hoarder, yet I was still amazed at show much I had accumulated over the years. You can read more about my decluttering journey and what I did with the things that I decided to get rid of.

location location location australia

Another one of my favourite property shows is Location Location Location Australia. This show follows property buyer agents, Bryce and Veronica who help people find their dream property. This is a great show and I find it really interesting to see what people’s preferences are and what aspects of a property they are willing to compromise on.

You also get an idea of what the property market is like in different parts of Australia and boy is it expensive! House prices in Sydney especially have increased dramatically over the past year and from watching the show you get an idea of how competitive the market is. It’s scary to think how the next generation is going to be able to afford housing if this continues. However, it does look like house prices are starting to stabilize now, which is good news.

Both these TV shows are based of versions which are originally from the UK. I love the Australian versions though, mainly because I can relate to them much more. So if you enjoy property lifestyle TV shows, you might like to check these shows out 🙂

What are your favourite property TV shows?

(Images: Lifestyle Channel)


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