The Ashes Series 2015 Concludes

The Ashes Cricket Trophy

So the 2015 Ashes series ended on Sunday with Australia winning the 5th test. However, we lost the series 3-2, which was an unexpected loss really. Australia were the favorites going into the series, but couldn’t handle the conditions in England. The batting was a mess, except in the two matches that they won. The bowling wasn’t great either, but who can blame the bowlers when they have a total of 60 runs to defend? The selectors need to take some heat too after failing to select Peter Siddle in the 4th test. Siddle bowled very well in the 5th test and showed that he deserved to be in the team.

I think this was a wake up call to the Australian team. They thought they had it in the bag after the great summer they had. However, playing away from home is always tough and history shows that they struggle in England and India especially.

As always when a team doesn’t do as well in a series, the aftermath is usually a few careers ending. So Michael Clarke and Chris Rogers decided to call it a day. Chris Rogers played pretty well in this series however due to his age, he must have felt it was the right time to step down and let someone else open the batting. Clarke has lost form but I still feel that he is too young to retire. Such a talented player and leader but I guess he has his reasons for leaving.

It also looks like it might be the end for Brad Haddin and Shane Watson. I can’t see these two getting selected again, especially when the team is going through another phase of rebuilding.

On the topic of retirements, the very talented Kumar Sangakkara from Sri Lanka has also decided to retire. This guy is one awesome batsman, wicket keeper and leader, and has had a stellar career. His record speaks for itself. You know, he is currently in excellent form too, so he could keep playing for a few more years if he wanted to. We will miss you Kumar!

So now I am looking forward to the next test series which will be against New Zealand, starting in November. New Zealand has been playing very well in the test arena lately, so it should be an interesting and competitive series. And so the waiting begins 🙂

(Image: The Guardian)


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