April 2017 Monthly Recap

April was the month with several public holidays so that meant long weekends! We enjoyed the two long weekends that we had, we mostly spent it with family and managed to catch up with some friends too. It was nice having my husband home as he was able to spend more time with our son … Continue reading April 2017 Monthly Recap

7 Most Useful Products I Bought for My Baby – 4 Month Mark

I am all for being prepared for a given situation and having a baby was no different. I know some people start planning and preparing as soon as they fall pregnant but in my case I didn't start getting prepared till I was about 7 months pregnant, I just wasn't in the right head space. … Continue reading 7 Most Useful Products I Bought for My Baby – 4 Month Mark

March 2017 Recap

Well March was mostly about settling back into our house as my husband was away for most of February for work, and because of that I stayed at my parents with the baby. It took about a week to get into our routine but it is nice to be back home. Apart from settling back … Continue reading March 2017 Recap

February 2017 Recap

The weather has been terrible this summer. I used to love summer, I seriously hate it now! We have experienced one of the hottest summers down here in Sydney Australia and I will be happy to see the back of it! Ok weather rant over... This month I have been staying at my parents house … Continue reading February 2017 Recap

2016 End of Year Review

I haven't posted in a while, life just got really busy since the baby arrived. But I am trying to get my life into some kind of order now and hopefully I can start blogging more. Apart from life getting busy I also lost a bit of motivation to blog so I am hoping I … Continue reading 2016 End of Year Review

November 2016 Recap – The Most Memorable Month of My Life

I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy! He was very impatient and decided he had to come 3 weeks early!! I definitely wasn't expecting to give birth 3 weeks early and it all happened so quickly. But he is here, healthy and has brought so much joy to our family ❤ I took 3 … Continue reading November 2016 Recap – The Most Memorable Month of My Life

How I Reduced Clutter by Switching to Paperless Bills

I hate having paper bills pile up. They take up space and if you want to throw them out you have to shred them first for security reasons. The shredding part I'm always lazy to do so the bills just pile up as a result. So sometime last year I noticed that more service providers … Continue reading How I Reduced Clutter by Switching to Paperless Bills

October 2016 Recap

The month flew by as usual but it has been a rather uncomfortable one in regards to my pregnancy. The baby has grown so I'm carrying more weight which makes it harder to walk. There's swollen feet, clothes not fitting and I'm also a lot slower these days, mostly physically though 🙂 I was telling … Continue reading October 2016 Recap

It’s the simple things that lead to happiness

I saw this quote on Twitter the other day and it really rang true for me. That made me wonder what simple things make me happy.

September 2016 Recap

September is over already, the time really is flying by. I say that every month, lol! Here is a breakdown of what happened. Finances We did have a few extra expenses this month but despite this our savings rate was decent at 32%. Our extra expenses were: Renovation costs My drivers license was up for … Continue reading September 2016 Recap